Lionel Messi Sets Another Record In The History Books After Villarreal Win

With no midweek game, Luis Enrique gave the team a two-day break to afford them the much needed rest.

And that decision has proven to be a very good decision by the Barcelona coaching staff. The players returned to action with a much clearer mind and ready for the final battle for the league title.

The MSN have been dangerous all season and looked at the best on the day as they demolished Villarreal 4-1. You could hardly fault their performance and were just too much for the Villarreal defense to handle.

Neymar opened the scoring after 20 minutes, while Messi got a goal in the 45th minute. And Luis Suarez made sure he wasn’t left out as he hammered in his effort into goal in the 69th minute.

It was all good and enjoyable football from Barcelona who were creating chances at will. But Lionel Messi would strike again to net a brace in the game.

Lionel Messi is first player to score 100 braces

His second goal from the penalty spot was his 6th straight brae in his last six games at the Camp Nou. And it also put his name in the history books as he became the first player in La Liga history to score 100 braces.

56 of such braces have been scored at the Camp Nou while 44 have been scored away.

See the tweet below 



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