Outrageous Things You Can Only See In Dubai

Dubai is known as a place where impossible things happen, the only place where you have the police force driving around in luxurious cars including Bugatti, Lamborghinis and the likes. It also has the world’s only 7 star hotel and the biggest mall in the world. Talk of all these and you will know Dubai is certainly an empire of luxuries. These are some of the wierd things you will ever find in the UAE.

1. Gold Cars

2. Diamond Crusted Cars

3. Take Your Camel For A Walk

One of the things you will find very strange is when you have you neighbor taking his pet camel for a walk on the desert.

4. Police Super Cars On Patrol

Dubai is one of the world’s richest countries has it’s police force combating crime in Luxury.

5. Home Of Sky Scrappers With A Magnificient View

What an awesome view we got there. Simply breathe taking!

6. Gold ATM

The only place where you can buy gold from an ATM

7. Gold Phones Worth Millions

8. A Horse Bike

9. Riding In Town With Your Pet

10. High Rise Tennis Courts

Source: trendyways.net


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