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Welcome to BerryDeBlaq,

I think you got us from our name. Yes, we are some geeks who are constantly working to deliver important and useful contents to our readers.

Founded in 2013, BerryDeBlaq — Web publishing company who focuses on emerging technology trends.

As per our tagline — “Your Best Source For Latest Tech News, Entertainment New, Sport News, World News & More!” — we love to reach out to our readers with articles that briefs changes in technology. We timely update our readers with news related to — internet, online privacy and security, startups, Open Source community, gadget etc. We also publish tutorial articles that will help you to cope with different problems in the modern tech world.

We also help you solve your computer problems and learn new technologies. We write about things that are in any way related to Linux. This website is updated regularly with high quality content. Content throughout BerryDeBlaq covers the following areas:

  • Linux and Open-Source
  • Internet and Network Security
  • Operating Systems
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Internet Trends
  • Information Technology
  • and much more cool stuff

We are ever-expanding, BerryDeBlaq have more 3 writers — check out our Team page — and you can also work with us. Do you think, you are capable of writing articles which could attract the attention of our dynamic readers?, then you can be a part of us.

If you require any more information or have any questions regarding BerryDeBlaq, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page or send us your queries and suggestion directly :


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